Van Gogh cafe terrace at night by Janet Lunn via Flickr

Welcome to the Cafe! This is the digital equivalent of your favorite local hangout to meet friends, enjoy a favorite beverage and some lively conversation. We can’t offer beverages – you’ll have to find your own – but we can offer some interesting conversations.

You may have noticed the comments box at the bottom of each article posted here. They provide a place to discuss the topic presented in that article. Here in the Cafe, the comment box is an “open mic” – ready to discuss any topic you choose. Ask a question, share a tip or just say hello. If you are familiar with status updates and comments in Facebook, you’ll be quite comfortable with the comments system offered here.

In the sidebar you’ll find the Conversations item listed under Sections. Click on it to find posts designed to start discussions on various topics. You’ll also find links to the most recent Conversation posts in the sidebar.

You are welcome to start by using the comment box below to introduce yourself and let us know what areas of society/association management interest you.